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Anaesthesia Products

Advamed provides excellent anaesthesia products such as ventilator machines, oxygen and air blenders for Intensive Care Units accustomed to local hospital needs. We also provide consumables for airway management, resuscitation products, anaesthesia breathing systems and components, ventilator breathing systems, breathing filters, oxygen and aerosol therapy products, etc.

Cardiac Ballons and Stents

For the treatment of vascular diseases, our range of innovative devices include an extensive portfolio of high-performance coronary stents and balloons. Our dual therapy stents are designed to accelerate endothelial coverage and controls neo-intimal proliferation. Our coronary dilatation catheter balloons combine the latest technologies to deliver the ultimate crossability for the most difficult lesions, tracking tortuous anatomy and tailored for every lesion size.

Neonatal Care Products

Neonatal specialized products for neonatal care and neonatal intensive care units from world leading manufactures are available which includes neonatal ventilators and monitoring machines, incubators, neonatal CPAP machines, neonatal breathing circuits and respiratory products, cerebral function monitoring machines and accessories for comprehensive neonatal and infant care at hospitals.

Neurodiagnostic & Neuromonitoring Machines

We provide Clinical EEG, LTM and aEEG machines and full-featured EEG, EMG, IONM which is ease-of-use, reduced testing time, rapid review of findings, and customizable reports. We also provide powerful multi-modality IONM portfolio with software platform, a simple, user-friendly system that helps you capture critical information and strengthen documentation. We also offer Transcranial Droppler Machines. We supply a complete range of accessories for neuro-diagnostic machines.

Orthopedic Implants

Our orthopedic fixation products consist of both internal and external devices, as well as other products such as various fixation and orthobiological materials used in the stabilisation of severe fractures and deformity correction procedures. We also offers an innovative range of products for joint replacement procedures which promoting faster healing and other favourable clinical outcomes.

Respiratory Care Products

We offers a wide range of respiratory products which is diversified from the invasive ventilation to obstructive sleep apnea, non-invasive ventilation, nasal high flow therapy and surgical humidification. A comprehensive humidified respiratory solution for all respiratory therapies for adult to infant patients who may be in need of respiratory assistance requiring hospital care or homecare support.

Surgical Products


We are distributing innovative surgical products which improves operating room efficiency, promoting faster healing and favourable clinical outcomes. We offer non-sticky surgical diathermy pencils and tips, premium quality surgical sutures, various types of surgical meshes, surgical staplers and highest quality bio-glues for general surgery as well as for other surgical specialities.

Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions

We offer infection control products to help to maintain an effective programme for preventing hospital-acquired infections and the containment of infections brought into the hospitals by patients, staff or visitors. We also supply a full range of enzymatic, neutral and alkaline detergents with added neutral and acidic rinse aids for both manual and automated reprocessing within your sterile service department.

Central Sterile Supply Machines

We provide machines, devices and apparatus for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization specifically designed for central sterile service departments in the medical, laboratory, research and pharmaceutical industries. The products include washers and sterilization systems which are able to reprocess medical devices used in outpatient, surgical and endoscopic environments, and maintain hospital rooms, laboratories and research environments protected against the risk of cross contaminations.

Operation Room Equipment

Operation room systems are oriented to processes, patients and personnel, and comply with the most demanding requirements for flexibility in terms of people and technology. We can provide from modular OR construction to the devices for OR such as operation tables, OR lights, electro-surgical machines, laparoscopic surgical machines and their accessories. We provide our ultimate service and technical trainings for the effective use of the machines.

Other Hospital Equipment and Medical Devices

Advamed offers a variety of affordable hospital equipment such as patient beds, medical cabinets, trolleys, hospital furniture, a variable range of medical devices such as patient monitoring machines, pneumatic tourniquets, syringe pumps, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, air compressors, dialysis machines, etc.

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