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Advamed Medical Innovation Co., Ltd is a  medical device distribution company based in Myanmar. Established in 2015 as a locally owned private limited company, we have rapidly expanded our presence in the healthcare industry by offering superior quality products and unwavering customer support services. Today, we stand as one of the leading medical device companies in Myanmar.

At Advamed, we collaborate with renowned global manufacturers to bring groundbreaking products to the market, driving advancements in patient care and ensuring enhanced patient safety. Our dedication to delivering innovative solutions is matched by our agility in addressing current and future market demands. We pride ourselves on supporting healthcare professionals in their tireless efforts to improve the lives of patients. By understanding the unique needs of Myanmar's healthcare providers, their patients, and the challenges they face, we continuously strive to provide effective solutions that enable patients to regain their quality of life.

Our commitment extends beyond the provision of medical devices. We aim to make a genuine impact on the development of healthcare standards in Myanmar. By embracing the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery and anticipating changing demands, we consistently offer solutions that not only benefit patients but also generate economic value for our customers. Through this comprehensive approach, we contribute to raising the overall healthcare standards in Myanmar.


To be the leading medical equipment supplier

and reliable service provider in

Myanmar Healthcare Sector.


sale persons

 technical &
engineering support


employees with medical related degree

 technical &
engineering support

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